Why Choose Fairytale Island?

The most precious milestones in life deserve the most precious celebrations. If you’re wondering why you should trust Fairytale Island to help you create these important memories, look no further.

What do we do? We bring your favourite, most cherished fairytale characters to life with our meticulously planned packages that enchant the young (and young at heart!) and encourage imagination, laughter, and friendship.

How do we do it? Our services are provided with only the highest-quality costumes, scrupulously styled wigs, theatre-professional makeup, and passionately delivered performances. Our goal is deliver a smooth customer service experience that will help make planning your special event a breeze.  Our “Bag of Tricks” is filled with character-themed props that never look out of place: instead of a plastic water bottle for temporary tattoos, you will find a rustic chalice!  Our performers have genuine chemistry. Your Snow Sisters will be actual sisters, who look alike and can truly finish each other’s sandwiches—err, sentences!

But perhaps the most important reason to choose Fairytale Island is why we do this. Fairytale Island is a locally-run business owned by two sisters who decided to never grow up—in the best way possible! We believe in the magic of stories and imagination. We wish to make dreams come true by bringing these beloved characters to life for your child. Nothing makes us happier than seeing a child’s face when they first meet their idol! We’re in the business of making dreams come true!

When you book with Fairytale Island, you are guaranteed:

  • Affordable party packages
  • Excellent customer service from beginning to end
  • A hassle-free booking system
  • High-quality costumes and wigs
  • A performer who loves children, and has thoroughly researched her role to insure character accuracy

Make your child’s dreams come true and receive a free quote today!